We keep our process simple
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OUR SIMPLE Signup Process

We tailor our programs to our clients so we always follow the same intake process.

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Introductory Consultation
Every new client gets this totally free introductory session.
We setup a FREE new-client consultation over the phone where we will discuss your goals and outline a path to achieving them.
Next, we will go over available packages and pricing and schedule your first in-person session.
Evaluation Session
First in-person meeting is only $25.00.
No matter how many services you have signed up for, the first session is only $25.00. In our first in-person session we will take measurements, collect or take "before" photos, and sign paperwork.
This session takes between 1-1.5 hours. For fully remote clients, we will sign paperwork via email and walk through the measurements over the phone.
You will also fill out the online intake form (teal button in the navigation header) prior to this session.
To conclude, we will tour the facility and answer any final questions.
Ongoing Training & Nutrition Programs
All programs are customized to each client. Here is our price list to give you an idea of program costs.
Personal Training
8 week minimum commitment

$80.00/session Once a week
$75.00/session Two sessions a week
$70.00/session Three sessions a week

Make a commitment to your health and save!
12 week commitment or more

$70.00/session Once a week
$65.00/session Two sessions a week
$60.00/session Three sessions a week

10% discount for referring a client
Nutrition and Workout Algorithm and Tracking

*Required for once a week plans and highly recommended for all clients

-Nutrition and wellness algorithm that calculates
your unique nutritional requirements

-All your workout routines for in-session and out of session. Complete with cardio and abdominal training instructions and videos for each exercise

-Monitor progress charts and encourages accountability

-Nutrition Tracking and eating program

$150.00 Monthly fee
Meal Plans for Additional Guidance
$60.00 One-time initial Fee
$40.00 Monthly fee
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New Mother new Me

"First of all, I am an ongoing customer and I definitely plan on sticking with Nick! I recently had a baby and I needed a meal plan and a workout plan that could get me back in shape. Nick was really knowledgeable and got me a meal plan that was easy to follow and tasted really good actually! His gym is in his apartment building but I have to say its nicer than my local gym. Happy customer here!"

Katherine W.

Comprehensive training program

"When I looked for a trainer I tried to find someone that was knowledgeable about both fitness and nutrition. Nick started out by talking about how his program combines both and I ended up signing up right then. I am very happy that I did. I have lost 18 lbs so far and we are still working towards my next milestone. Recommended!"

Amir P.
Nixon Athletics Signup