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How We Work
What our clients have to say...
Katherine W.

First of all, I am an ongoing customer and I definitely plan on sticking with Nick! I recently had a baby and I needed a meal plan and a workout plan that could get me back in shape. Nick was really knowledgeable and got me a meal plan that was easy to follow and tasted really good actually! His gym is in his apartment building but I have to say its nicer than my local gym. happy customer here!

Bob K.

Been working with Nixon Athletics for about 18 months now and its been a pleasure. I started off 145lbs 6ft and now I have gained about 30lbs of muscle while maintaining a lean body fat %. Nick really knows his stuff. He explained to me how to change my diet and habits to gain mass and size. I highly recommend him. I hope people on this site go with him you wont be disappointed!

Lujain A.

Working with Nick was great! He helped me push myself and I instantly saw results.. would definitely recommend him for anyone trying to reach their goals.

Raphael H.

Nick is very knowledgeable, capable, and congenial. He provides individualized attention to assist you in achieving your body goals. I am confident that Nick’s regimen will assist me in getting my body beach-ready.

Kaushal J.

Blair is a gentleman with a great work ethic and a master at his craft. He will take the time to understand your fitness needs, push you when you hit a plateau and encourage you to be your best. He took the time to explain to me what a holistic fitness approach is both at the gym and beyond when it came to nutrition and wellness. I would strongly recommend Blair to anyone looking to get healthy.

Nina T.

So far my experience with Nixon Athletics has been very positive. Every question or scheduling issue receives an almost immediate response, workouts and tracking are thorough, and Nick is always both friendly and professional.

Curtis N.

Nixon Athletics has provided the motivational blueprint needed, to stay the course towards achieving desired results. After feeling discouraged, due to my experience with a previous athletic trainer, I decided to move forward, and am continuing with Nixon Athletics due to the more educated, empathetic, and tactical approach. The workouts challenge you to put your best foot forward. My time with Nixon Athletics has been very positive.

Pearson D.

I have worked with a few trainers before and they were all pretty much the same. Nick was the first trainer I felt really cared about my health and my fitness goals. He was always willing to chat after our sessions and answer all my questions even though the time was up. Hes really knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and definitely got me the results I was looking for. Thanks Nick! Recommend him highly!

Amir P.

When I looked for a trainer I tried to find someone that was knowledgeable about both fitness and nutrition. Nick started out by talking about how his program combines both and I ended up signing up right then. I am very happy that I did. I have lost 18 lbs so far and we are still working towards my next milestone. Recommended!

Harlood B.

Nick was excellent!! He worked with me to create a dumbbell workout I could do at my house. He was really responsive when I had any questions and I really recommend him if you are looking for a patient and attentive trainer. Thanks!

Atilla S.

It has been a while we have been working out together with him. He is a great trainer. He does my meal planing, follow up my meals and so good to work with. He is very responsive and communication is like he his your friend, I highly recommend his services👌

Hani H.

I Just started training with Nick, It has been an awesome experience! He customized a workout routine and customized a meal plan just for me. Our fourth week just started, during the past three weeks I lost 12 pounds and seeing a significant results on my body fitness.

Kathryn S.

I’ve had an amazing experience with Nixon Athletics! Nick is so knowledgeable, not only about training/weight lifting/working out, but also about nutrition which is so important! He’s very flexible and is always willing to switch our appointment date/time if something comes up. I can tell from working with him for almost 4 months that he genuinely cares about his clients and wants them to succeed and reach their goals.

Hui C.

I been exercising with Nick for around 2 months now and i couldn’t be happier. I lost about 8 pounds my first month- with combination of personal training and healthy diet. Nick assists you during the session and provides tips on diet. He even demonstrates exercises that you would do at home with resistance bands. Nick also understands the busy schedule of a full time professional and tries his best to accommodate my schedule.

Reena J.

Nick is an excellent trainer who helped me lose weight for my wedding. He worked with me every week to make sure I was meeting my goals. He is a very knowledgeable trainer who helped me learn some advance strength training exercises and helped me focus on specific muscles. I would highly recommend Nick for personal training if you are a beginner or a pro who goes to the gym every day and wants to meet specific goals.

What makes us different?

The majority of trainers operate like a fitness class - you come in for an hour, you leave, and that's it. We believe that personal training should be so much more. Our trainers guide you down your own unique wellness journey. Your trainer is available to you at any time to answer questions and will keep you accountable if you start missing workouts or check-ins. Personal training should be personal.

Here's how we do things...

Fitness Tracking

We track all of your workouts with a super easy to follow spreadsheet. Forget how to do an exercises? The spreadsheet has videos of each exercise that are easy to access on your phone while you are at the gym. Every time you come in for a session or go to the gym on your own - you know exactly what exercises to do, what order to do them in, and the proper rep ranges and weight. Each week, your sheet is updated with a new routine and updated weight and rep ranges based on your progress.  You will always be able to look back and see how far you have come.

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Nutrition Planning Algorithm

"Abs are made in the kitchen". You may of heard this saying but it doesn't quite tell the whole story. Your whole body is made in the kitchen. You can workout tirelessly day after day but you will not reach your goals without a comprehensive nutrition plan.

We developed a proprietary algorithm that calculates your unique caloric needs and macro-nutrient requirements. Our system is designed to change your body composition - it is not a simple weight loss or weight gain program. This means that if you are trying to lose fat, the program will aim to maintain as much muscle mass as possible while reducing your body fat percentage. If you are trying to gain muscle, the program aims to reduce the amount of fat you gain as you bulk up.

Each week the system recalculates your nutritional requirements based on your actual data. This means that the system becomes super accurate after about 3-4 weeks of sticking with it.

We can proudly say that our program has worked for every single client who has stuck with it and followed the recommendations generated by the algorithm.

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Accountability & Communication

Accountability and communication is probably the biggest area that differentiates Nixon Athletics from the majority of other trainers and training programs. We check all of our client's charts each day to ensure that everyone is on track. If we notice anything, we will reach out to you.

You can always reach us via text or email and we respond extremely quickly. We do not treat you like just another body in a workout class. You are our client and we strive to give you a personalized experience as you work towards your goals.

OUR SIMPLE Signup Process

We tailor our programs to our clients so we always follow the same intake process.

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Introductory Consultation
Every new client gets this totally free introductory session.
We setup a FREE new-client consultation over the phone where we will discuss your goals and outline a path to achieving them.
Next, we will go over available packages and pricing and schedule your first in-person session.
Evaluation Session
First in-person meeting is only $25.00.
No matter how many services you have signed up for, the first session is only $25.00. In our first in-person session we will take measurements, collect or take "before" photos, and sign paperwork.
This session takes between 1-1.5 hours. For fully remote clients, we will sign paperwork via email and walk through the measurements over the phone.
You will also fill out the online intake form (teal button in the navigation header) prior to this session.
To conclude, we will tour the facility and answer any final questions.
Ongoing Training & Nutrition Programs
All programs are customized to each client. Here is our price list to give you an idea of program costs.
Personal Training
8 week minimum commitment

$80.00/session Once a week
$75.00/session Two sessions a week
$70.00/session Three sessions a week

Make a commitment to your health and save!
12 week commitment or more

$70.00/session Once a week
$65.00/session Two sessions a week
$60.00/session Three sessions a week

10% discount for referring a client
Nutrition and Workout Algorithm and Tracking

*Required for once a week plans and highly recommended for all clients

-Nutrition and wellness algorithm that calculates
your unique nutritional requirements

-All your workout routines for in-session and out of session. Complete with cardio and abdominal training instructions and videos for each exercise

-Monitor progress charts and encourages accountability

-Nutrition Tracking and eating program

$150.00 Monthly fee
Meal Plans for Additional Guidance
$60.00 One-time initial Fee
$40.00 Monthly fee
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Nick Nixon

Founder and Wellness Trainer

Hello and welcome. Nixon Athletics strives to provide comprehensive training, meal planning, and wellness services to our clients. We listen to your health, fitness, and lifestyle goals and design a custom tailored plan. We work with clients of all ages and fitness levels to achieve results. We focus on form and proper technique to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your routine while minimizing the chance of injury. We strongly recommend including our meal plan options into your program to fully maximize your potential progress.